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Building off of 13 years of consulting excellence, we have developed a customizable service package to meet both your goals and budget

The Cambridge Solutions Difference

We stand out in our ability to obtain high-quality intelligence and convert our key findings into strategic insights that will put your organization ahead of the game. Our winning CI strategy offers three main deliverables tailored to your team: 

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"Off-The-Shelf" Reports,
a one-of-a-kind offering

Some of our reports are available a la carte to meet your budgetary needs. Save money by customizing your request with specified deliverables that can be supplemented with ad hoc hours, instead of committing to a full-scale project


Indication Overview & Therapeutic Landscape 

  • Comprehensive pipeline organized by MoA and development phase

  • Starting from just $2000 for a pipeline & overview, up to ~$25k for a deep-dive report including competitor SWOT analyses & all other modules


Indication-specific  News Reports

  • Stay up-to-date on key developments, enhanced with insightful analysis

  • Starting at ~$1500 per monthly report (depending on indication), with opportunity to save with a subscription


Indication-specific Conference Reports

  • Gain further insights from the latest clinical data, leading KOL/company representative insights, and promotional messaging

  • Coverage starting from just $2500 per report (depending on indication)

In addition to our new, 'off-the-shelf' reports, the option for a full-scale, customized CI project is still available


Comprehensive & Customized CI Projects

  • Customized projects are still competitively priced, but more costly vs. our off-the-shelf reports

  • We serve as your dedicated CI vendor, providing tailored reporting & highest client satisfaction

  • Includes all above components, adapted to your individual needs (e.g., news alerts & reports addressing your KBQs of interest, customizable reporting frequency & conference coverage, etc.)

  • Ad hoc hours provide a deeper dive into questions of special interest and can be used for primary research/interviews (ad hoc also available a la carte, with a minimum of 20 hrs. for $3000)


We tailor our CI services to individual clients - Please reach out to us for details on available options & pricing based on your specific needs

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch shortly

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