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Where the Passion Begins

Cambridge Solutions is comprised of a team of first-rate, highly skilled pharmaceutical consultants with extensive industry expertise. Our professionals hail from diverse functional and therapeutic backgrounds, with past roles at McKinsey & Company, BMS, Wyeth, Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Janssen China, and Zacks Equity Research. Our expertise across different functions and disease areas gives us an excellent vantage point from which to provide comprehensive services to our clients.


Jianwei is experienced in strategy, competitive intelligence, M&A, licensing, and partnership. Prior to establishing Cambridge Solutions, Jianwei was an associate at McKinsey & Company where he worked with middle and upper management of major pharmaceutical companies on planning and implementing strategies for achieving a superior competitive position for the clients and delivered tremendous value to the clients. Jianwei  also worked as a project manager for Business Research Group where he managed multinational teams to serve the strategic intelligence needs of pharmaceutical clients. Jianwei published in prestige scientific journals such as Science and Nature Reviews Neuroscience.


Lotte has accrued diverse pharmaceutical industry experience, spanning from drug discovery, clinical development, strategic planning to licensing/business development, during her tenure of 26 years with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. As a Licensing Director, she led numerous technical due diligences and played key roles in worldwide deals with biotech and major pharmaceutical companies. In addition to strategic planning, she implemented an in-house competitive intelligence network, conducted decision analyses and portfolio management of both pipeline projects and marketed products. She gained substantial drug development and life-cycle management skills as a project manager and participation in a major, successful global regulatory filing.


Prior to joining Cambridge Solutions, Charles managed a clinical research lab at University of Pennsylvania where he coordinated clinical research projects in infectious diseases. He also worked as a Biological Specialist and Support for AmeriCorps-VISTA at New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services – Emergency Services Unit where he aided the NH-DHHS in the planning and logistics of medical supply distribution during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.
At Cambridge Solutions he manages CI projects in various disease areas.
Charles graduated from St. Lawrence University magna cum laude and was the first of his class to be admitted to the St. Lawrence chapter of the Tri-Beta biological honor society and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. He earned a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania.


At Cambridge Solutions, Kevin has been involved with projects across multiple treatment areas, with a focus on oncology and CNS, providing extensive conference coverage and drafting both competitive landscape and detailed news reports. He now also serves as the project manager for oncology-related accounts.
Before joining Cambridge Solutions, Kevin performed oligonucleotide synthesis and manipulation as a Research Associate in the Molecular Biology division of Stratos Genomics, Inc., a Biotech start-up in Seattle, WA developing a novel DNA-sequencing platform.
Prior to this experience, Kevin performed 3 years of oncology research at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, FL. During this time, he designed and executed a novel study investigating the role of angiogenesis gene SNPs in melanoma outcomes.
Kevin earned both his B.S.E. (ChemE) and M.S. (Biotechnology) at the University of Pennsylvania.


Wei has strong expertise in cancer therapeutic target and biomarker research. Prior to joining Cambridge Solutions, he conducted research at Sloan Kettering institute where he evaluated the therapeutic potential of the inhibition of cathepsins in cancer treatment by using gene knockout mouse models. He was a staff scientist at Vitatex, Inc., where he developed novel cancer diagnostic devices, Vita-Assay* and Vita-Cap*, and accomplished phase I and II clinical trials.
He managed a number of CI projects in various therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology and infectious diseases.


Prior to joining Cambridge Solutions, Xiaohong conducted eight years of cancer research at University of Pennsylvania. Her research elucidated the interplay of several cellular mechanisms in cancer cells and resulted in publications in high-profile journals such as Clinical Cancer Research and Journal of Clinical Investigation. Her research was also reported in Cancer Discovery.

Xiaohong also conducted research in neuroscience and co-authored a research paper with Noble Prize laureate Paul Greengard. She was trained as a pharmacologist, and was a registered pharmacist in China. She received her PhD in pharmacology from Nanjing Medical University.

At Cambridge Solutions, Xiaohong focuses on tracking the trends and new developments in oncology drug development.